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TV3 is a Swedish television channel. It started in 1987 as a joint Scandinavian channel broadcasting on satellite only, but some years late it was divided into three separate TV3 channels for each country (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). These were later followed by TV3 channels in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, and Viasat3 in Hungary.

TV3 never managed to get a analogue terrestrial broadcasting license in Scandinavia, but they do broadcast in that way in the Baltic region, as well as with digital terrestrial in Sweden.




Early '90s

TV3 Ident Early 90s.jpg

In the early '90s the TV3 ident was a 3D version of the logo that spinned around...

TV3 Ident Early 90s 2.jpg

...before landing in the conclusion of the animation.

TV3 Aschbergs värld.jpg

End of a trailer for Aschbergs värld on TV3. Note that the logo on the bottom-left isn't the same as the one in the ident.



In the mid-1990s new idents came around. These had the theme "3" and for example showed images of three frogs, three musketeers and three nuts.

Late 1990s

Early 2000s

TV3 Promo end.jpg

After several years with the "3" idents, they were changed to a more graphical look, probably the first one that had the word "Viasat" printed underneath the logo.


Autumn 2002


Autumn 2004


TV3 Sofia Wistam.jpg

In 2005 TV3 replaced the jingles that were introduced the previous autumn by new ones starring the channels own profiles. These were a part of a new campaign with the slogan Vi står för underhållning ("We do the entertainment"). The example on the right shows Sofia Wistam, but there were also jingles with Robert Aschberg, Hasse Aro and Claes Runheim.