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Sunday Night Football/Season Twenty

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2006 Schedule
Sunday Night Football
NBC Sunday Night Football-Title.jpg
Season Premiere September 7, 2006
Season Finale December 31, 2006
Episode Count 17 + 3 preseason games

Season Nineteen


Season Twenty-One

Season Twenty is the first year that Sunday Night Football will air on NBC.

Due to the NFL's new rules on flexible scheduling, it is unknown what games will be broadcast from week 10-15. This is because the new rules are made to allow for schedules to be set to ensure that good teams are playing each other on one of the league's major programs.


Week Date Teams
P1 August 6 Oakland vs. Philadelphia
P2 August 13 Washington @ Cincinnati
P3 August 20 Seattle @ Indianapolis
1 September 7 (Thursday) Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers
September 10 Indianapolis Colts @ New York Giants
2 September 17 Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
3 September 24 Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots
4 October 1 Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears
5 October 8 Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Diego Chargers
6 October 15 Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos
7 October 22 No Game due to World Series
8 October 29 Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers
9 November 5 Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots
10 November 12 Chicago Bears @ New York Giants
11 November 19 San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos
12 November 26 Philadelphia Eagles @ Indianapolis Colts
13 December 3 Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos
14 December 10 New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys
15 December 17 Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers
16 December 25 Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys
17 December 31 Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears