Stingray (1986)

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Stingray (1986)-Title.jpg
Premiere pilot movie
July 14, 1985
March 11, 1986
Finale May 8, 1987
Creator Stephen J. Cannell
Network/Provider NBC
Style 60-minute crime drama
Company Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 23 + pilot movie
Origin USA

Stingray is a drama/crime series created by Stephen J. Cannell for NBC. There was a pilot movie, followed by two seasons for a total of 23 episodes.

Ray was a mysterious man whose trademark was the '65 Corvette Sting Ray he drove.

He operated in, and around, southern California, helping people in trouble. There were similarities to the CBS’s contemporary series The Equalizer, although Ray’s background was even more mysterious than the Equalizer’s. All that was known about Ray, is that he advertised in newspapers, offering a "’65 black Stingray for Barter Only. (555-7687)".

Ray did not charge money for his help; instead, he made his clients promise in advance that they will later perform a favor for Ray. In the episodes he frequently used many such favors from past clients to help the current client; implying that he either had a backlog of such favors, and/or easy cases we did not see in between the episodes

Ray is an expert at hiding his real identity; and when some clients were able to find out his actual identity, they would later find they were mistaken. When the license plate for his Sting Ray was run through a computer it listed many different addresses, including notably the White House’s west coast motor pool.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast
Nick Mancuso "Ray" 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One March 11, 1986 May 13, 1986 8 + 1
Season Two January 9, 1987 May 8, 1987 15


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Complete Series January 18, 2011 5

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