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  • Ascension - Moving from a physical form to a higher plane of existence.
  • Chappa'ai - A Jaffa word meaning Stargate, it is used by some other species in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Chevron - Nine mechanisms mounted around the edge of a Stargate. In a normal, intragalactic Stargate connection, the first six will each lock on to one of the 35 standard symbols to form a gate address and the seventh will lock on to the point of origin symbol. In an intergalactic connection, the seventh chevron will lock on to one of the normal symbols and the eighth will lock on the origin symbol. As yet, there have been no nine-chevron dialings and whether the ninth chevron has a special function has yet to be determined.
  • DHD - Short for Dial Home Device, it powers the Stargate and allows dialing of destinations for Stargate travel.
  • GDO - Short for Garage Door Opener, Stargate Command personnel slang for a device used to code identifying the traveler before the Iris is opened.
  • Intar - A Goa'uld stun weapon that can be reconfigured into any number of shapes, including Earth and Jaffa weapons both. Used for training exercises.
  • Iris - A large shield used to protect Stargate Command from an attack through the Stargate. It opens on command from the SGC gate technician once proper GDO codes are received from off-world teams. The shield is installed within microns of the wormhole event horizon which doesn't give matter enough room to rematerialize. Only super fast high energy particles and radio signals (and the now extinct Tollan) can pass through the IRIS. The original iris was made of titanium, but a second one was installed in place after the first was lost; the second is a trinium alloy.
  • MALP - "Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe", an ROV used by Stargate Command to investigate the conditions on the other side of a wormhole before sending personnel. It possesses a range of environmental sensors, telepresence (camera, speaker, and microphone), and a manipulator arm.
  • Replicator - An insidious mechanical form of life that plagued the cosmos, and was able to overcome the efforts of the most powerful race in our galaxy, the Asgard. Exists only to evolve, and replicate itself from any viable material present in its environment, working with others of its kind in a group mind. Defeated everywhere in this galaxy by a coalition of Tau'ri, Asgard and Goa'uld.
  • Symbiote - The larval form of the Goa'uld. The Jaffa serve as hosts until the symbiote is mature enough to take a human host. The symbiote acts as the Jaffa immune system, providing great health, superior healing and a long lifespan.
  • Tau'ri - The Goa'uld term for Earth's Human population.
  • Tretonin - A drug that, with regular dosages, frees the Jaffa from their dependence on Goa'uld larva. However, switching from a symbiote to tretonin robs a Jaffa of much of his or her regenerative capabilities. It is becoming more widely used, but not all Jaffa can survive on it.
  • Zat'nikatel - A Goa'uld energy weapon. One shot stuns, two shots kill, three shots disintegrate the target. Commonly referred to by SG personnel as a 'Zat gun', or just 'Zat'.
  • ZPM - Zero Point Module, an Ancient power device. This object harnesses the energy from a compressed region of sub-space contained within it.