Star Words

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Star Words
Premiere Unsold
Host Nipsey Russell
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson Productions
(The Star Words Company)
Episodes 3 pilots
Origin USA

Star Words was a proposed game show which was intended for CBS's daytime line-up in 1983. Three pilots were recorded in June of that year.

Two teams, each of a celebrity and a civilian, compete in what is best described as Password meets Tattletales. In round one, the celebrities (Patty Duke Astin and Charles Nelson Reilly in the pilots) appear on stage; their partners are backstage appearing on the set via TV monitors. One at a time, five words appear on a board. Once two words that can create an associated word appear, the secluded member of one team rings in and selects those two. Then he/she is shut off from sight or sound. The on-stage player gives an associated word he/she thinks the partner will say. His/her partner is brought on the monitor and must match the word. Doing so scores $50. Any undisplayed words appear and the team continues to select two words and make associations in the same way. Displayed words may be reused but duplications of associations are not allowed. Play continues until the team gets an association wrong. Control passes to the other team. A "Final Shot" is played after both teams miss an association. The celebrities and their partners switch places for round two.

Round three has all five words displayed. The team trailing in score makes up to two correct associations (each worth $100) to either tie or go ahead. The other team has up to two chances as well. The high score wins the game.

The winning team are shown ten words. In sixty seconds, a single word is read to them and they must pick the two words associated with it (e.g.: "Tarzan" would be associated with "elephant" and "ride", as shown in one of the pilots). Each correct association is worth $100; getting all ten wins $5000.

Star Words was intended to replace Child's Play at 10:30 AM ET on CBS. Press Your Luck was greenlit instead.