Space Ghost Coast to Coast/Season Eight

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Season Eight
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Season Premiere November 23, 2004
Season Finale January 11, 2004
Episode Count 5
Notable Episodes In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Season Seven



Season Eight is the last broadcast season of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but the nature of the show suggests that it could randomly come back at any given time. And many would think the show didn't go out at its height, and some fans consider Dreams the worst episode of the series. But opinions aside, the probable final season included a frank discussion of the birds and the bees in Eat a Peach and a clash between geek idols when William Shatner stopped by.

For the first time, the episode titles actually took a gimmick, as each episode is the name of an Allman Brothers Band album.


# # Title Airdate
85 1 Whipping Post November 23, 2003
86 2 Eat a Peach November 30, 2003
87 3 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed December 7, 2003
88 4 Idlewild South December 14, 2003
89 5 Dreams January 11, 2004
SP6 Live at the Fillmore April 12, 2004

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