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Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Actor Andy Merrill
First Appearance 1x01 - Spanish Translation
Last Appearance 8x01 - Whipping Post
Series Billing Cancelled
Episode Count 20
Notable Episodes 1x01 - Spanish Translation
2xSP - President's Day Nightmare
2x06 - Jerk
4x21 - Boatshow
4x22 - Telethon
8x01 - Whipping Post
Also Appears On The Brak Show
Cartoon Planet

Beginning as a one-note joke involving Andy Merrill's humorous voice stylings, Brak went on to become a Space Ghost fan favorite, to a Cartoon Planet fan favorite, to getting his own show, The Brak Show.

Space Ghost History

Brak made his first Space Ghost appearance on Spanish Translation, but the way his was portrayed simply used his image, not his usual voice or mannerisms. He made his first "real" appearance during A Space Ghost Christmas, where he helped the Council of Doom sing their own version of "The 12 Days of Christmas" by yelling "Hi my name is Brak!"

The Council and the character of Brak were used again on President's Day Nightmare, where Brak more or less stole the episode by yelling loudly about what time it was and announcing his name. From there, Brak was used heavily on the companion show Cartoon Planet, where he sang a lot and yelled a lot more, but he also became a semi-regular on Space Ghost. He appeared whenever the Council of Doom made an appearance, and at other times just showed up at random, sometimes for a single line or joke. Some of the bigger Brak episodes include Jerk, Telethon and Boatshow.

Brak was used right up until the last season (even while his own show, The Brak Show, aired), where he made an appearance in Whipping Post. With both The Brak Show and Space Ghost Coast to Coast cancelled and Andy Merrill's role at Cartoon Network being different than what it was, Brak now only makes occasionally appearances on Adult Swim.