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Premiere July 2, 1984
Finale June 10, 1993
Creator Bob Noah (based on the board game)
Host Chuck Woolery
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Reg Grundy Productions,
Exposure Unlimited
Episodes 1,335
Origin USA

Scrabble was a game show airing on NBC daytime. It was an exteriorized adaptation of the famous board game.

Two contestants face a screen displaying a standard Scrabble board. The blank spaces for a word to be discerned are shown with a letter spotted, then the clue for the word is disclosed. The first player draws two Scrabble tiles and drops them in a slot, displaying the letters. He/she chooses a letter to be placed in the word. His/her turn continues until the word is guessed, he/she guesses wrong, or one of the letters is a "stopper" (a letter not in the word), the last two elements turning control to the opponent. Letters that fall in blue spaces are worth $500 for correctly guessing the word; pink spaces are worth $1000. Correctly guessing three words wins the game and the player receives $500.

The winner plays the current champion in the Sprint round, trying to get three words (with two letters at a time displayed in the tile window) in the least amount of time, with $1500 the payoff to the quickest time. The player winning five Sprint rounds won $20,000.

In 1988, the object of the Sprint round was to get four words. The winner of game two had the same four words and had to beat that time. The player doing that played the Bonus Sprint, guessing two words in ten seconds for a $5000 cash prize ($1000 was added each day it was not won).

Scrabble was replayed on the USA cable network from 1991 to 1995; NBC brought it back with new shows in 1993, running concurrently with the USA repeats.


Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Chuck Woolery Host 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Jay Stewart Announcer 1 2 3 4
Charlie Tuna 5 6 7