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Season Three
Schitt's Creek
Season Premiere January 10, 2017
Season Finale April 4, 2017
Episode Count 13

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Season Four

Season Three of Schitt's Creek premiered on January 10, 2017.


# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
27 1 Opening Night January 10, 2017 992k(CA)
Johnny searches for a new purpose. Moira faces the realities of politics.
28 2 The Throuple January 17, 2017 293k(US) 0.08%
David and Stevie try to come to terms with their new relationship. Alexis and Moira plan a mother/daughter lunch.
29 3 New Car January 24, 2017
Johnny and Moira try to get a deal on a used car. David helps Stevie put her great aunt to rest.
30 4 Driving Test January 31, 2017 319k(US) 0.08%
Johnny and Moira worry about the future of the motel. David panics at the thought of retaking his driving test.
31 5 Rooms By the Hour February 7, 2017 254k(US) 0.07%
Johnny puts the motel in jeopardy when he rents rooms to a dubious enterprise. David helps Moira with a film audition.
32 6 Murder Mystery February 14, 2017 286k(US) 0.08%
Johnny and Stevie pitch a deal to a nearby golf course. Moira tries to get out of Twyla's murder mystery party.
33 7 General Store February 21, 2017
David comes up with a new business venture. Alexis adjusts to her first day of school.
34 8 Motel Review February 28, 2017 253k(US) 0.06%
While setting up his business, David meets a new friend. Johnny defends Alexis' work. Moira deals with a difficult guest.
35 9 The Affair March 7, 2017
Moira and Roland end up in a compromising situation. Alexis comes in between David and Patrick.
36 10 Sebastien Raine March 14, 2017
David's ex comes to town to do a photoshoot for Moira. Johnny and Roland think Bob is cheating at poker.
37 11 Stop Saying Lice! March 21, 2017 230k(US) 0.06%
Johnny tries to stop the spread of lice. Moira tries to get out of having a garden named after her.
38 12 Friends & Family March 28, 2017 316k(US) 0.07%
Johnny and Moira look for a location for the family portrait. David hosts a soft launch for the new store.
39 13 Grad Night April 4, 2017 313k(US) 0.09%
Johnny and Stevie celebrate having a fully booked hotel. David and Patrick go on a date.

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