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Saturday Night Live/The Needlers

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The Needlers
Saturday Night Live
The Needlers
Actor(s) Seth Meyers (Dan Needler)
Amy Poehler (Sally Needler)
First Appearance 31x01 - Steve Carell/Kanye West
Last Appearance 31x13 - Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy
Episode Count 3

The Needlers are a married couple who share a turbulent relationship which has given them the title "the couple that should be divorced." The two, Dan and Sally Needler, were played by Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler in several appearances throughout the 31st season of Saturday Night Live.


Basic Information

The sketch grew out of a sketch in the 30th season called "Sally & Dan Harrison: The Couple That Should Be Divorced," which also starred Meyers and Poehler as the troubled couple. This sketch, first seen in Johnny Knoxville/System of a Down was the prototype for all of the following "Needlers" sketches. On the debut of the 31st season, the couple made a reappearance with their names changed to "Needler."

Each sketch has a static format which starts with several people talking politely prior to the arrival of the Needlers. Once they arrive, they spend the rest of the time flinging insults at one another until they storm off to a private room. In this room, a third party goes in to check on them only to find the two having sex.


  1. 31x01 - Steve Carell/Kanye West: "Friendly Dinner."
  2. 31x06 - Eva Longoria/Korn: "Class Reunion."
  3. 31x13 - Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy: "Fertility Clinic."


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