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The Falconer
Saturday Night Live
The Falconer
Actor(s) Will Forte
Creator(s) Leo Allen
First Appearance 28x05 - Nia Vardalos/Eve
Last Appearance 31x19 - Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado
Episode Count 9

The Falconer, aka Ken Mortimer, is a businessman-turned-hermit who lives with his beloved pet falcon Donald. He is portrayed by Will Forte.


Basic Information

The Falconer is a parody of high-concept 70s and 80s action TV shows which features a hermit who gets into various adventures with his pet falcon Donald. In early sketches, the Falconer often found himself in danger, so he sent Donald for help. However, Donald was sidetracked by his desire for fun and sex, and he forgot about the Falconer. In the end, Donald always returned to his grateful master. Just as the shows the sketch parodies often departed from formula in their second or third seasons, so, too, has the sketch, which now features more diverse adventures.


  1. 28x05 - Nia Vardalos/Eve.
  2. 28x10 - Ray Liotta/The Donnas.
  3. 28x18 - Ashton Kutcher/50 Cent.
  4. 28x20 - Dan Aykroyd/Beyonce Knowles.
  5. 29x06 - Alec Baldwin/Missy Elliott.
  6. 30x06 - Luke Wilson/U2.
  7. 30x17 - Tom Brady/Beck. "Body Switch." The Falconer and Donald switch bodies after an argument over Ken whining about how much he misses Snickers candy bars. He, in the body of the falcon, flies off to find an antidote while Donald, in Ken's body, eats all of a lost hiker's Snickers bars.
  8. 31x05 - Jason Lee/Foo Fighters.
  9. 31x19 - Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado. "Time Travel." A future version of the Falconer travels back in time to warn the Falconer of Donald's impending death, but he is a few moments too late. The future and present Falconers travel back into the past to meet past versions of themselves again and again, but they are always a few moments too late. Before it is all over, the entire cast, including guest host Kevin Spacey but excluding Maya Rudolph and Darrell Hammond, play the role, and together they manage to rescue Donald.


  • The Falconer was set to make an appearance in the 32nd season, but the sketch was cut from the Rainn Wilson/Arcade Fire dress rehearsal. In the sketch, The Falconer had a nightmare where he discovered that he was a character on SNL and that his falcon Donald was just a shabby puppet.

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