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Deliver Us from E-mail
Season 6, Episode 10
Airdate January 18, 2002
Writer(s) Dan Kael
Director(s) Anson Williams
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Cloud Ten
Sabrina, the Teenage WitchSeason Six

Special Guest Star: George Wendt (Mike Shelby)

Co-Starring: Brian Jacobs (Eddie), Mary Ellen Lyon (Connie)


Plot Overview

Sabrina is trying to get a column in the paper, despite Mike's record of never letting an intern have that chance. Even though he turns down her article prospects, Mike thinks she has some good ideas and invites her to join him and the other reporters to share her ideas for prospective articles. However, Katrina almost gets her fired when she sends Sabrina an airhead virus that drains her of her substance. After Harvey realizes something is wrong with her, he brings Sabrina to her aunts' house and helps them teach her all of life's lessons. As this is happening, Zelda also has the task of helping Hilda kick her knitting addiction.

Arc Advancement


Katrina - also played by Melissa Joan Hart
Jezabelda - also played by Beth Broderick