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SVT1 is the oldest Swedish television channel. It is operated by Sveriges Television and i broadcasted nationally in Sweden.

It was officially opened in 1956 and was known as Radiotjänst TV, or just TV, as it was the only television channel available at the time. In 1969 it was renamed TV1 to coincide with the launch of TV2. In 1978 a decision was made by the Swedish parliament wich made TV1 being broadcast by Sveriges Television (SVT). In 1987 the channel was renamed Kanal 1 when it focused on Stockholm-made programmes and in 1996 the channels organisation was merged with that of TV2 and both channels were renamed SVT1 and SVT2.



SVT1 has always use in-vision presenters, except for a short period of time in the early 90's.

Early '90s

Kanal 1 Clock Early 90s.jpg

A clock from the early 90's. This example introduces children's programmes.

Kanal 1 Clock Christmas Children.jpg

A christmas version of the cloch, also introducing children's programmes.

Kanal 1 Early 90s ident 1.jpg

This animation could be seen when SVT1 opened, and closed down, for the day. It contained three-dimensional version of Stockholm buildnings spinning around...

Kanal 1 Early 90s ident 2.jpg

...a large "1". At the end of the animation the sun would start shining with the buildings continuing to spin.

Kanal 1 announce.jpg

An upcoming programme was announced with a still picture like this combined with a voice.

Mid 90's

SVT1 Presenter Pre-1996.jpg

In the mid-90's the in-vision presenters returned on Kanal 1. The big "1" was always placed on the left hand of the presenter. The back-drop would alter a lot.

Kanal 1 Trailer LA Law.jpg

A programme promotion ("trailer") would look like this.


SVT1 Ident 1996.jpg

In 1996 Kanal 1 and TV2 were merged into SVT1 and SVT2. Their graphics were now the same with different color themes: SVT1 was a blue channel and SVT2 was green.

The station ident became a big 3D-animated "1" symbol with the words "Sveriges Television" spinning around it. The ident itself would stay the following five years with some modifications.

SVT1 Presenter 1996.jpg

This is how in-vision presentation could look like. The pattern in the background was often changed.

SVT1 Menu 1996.jpg

A programme menu from 1996.

SVT1 Clock 1996.jpg

A clock with graphics.

Square with circle-age

SVT1 Presenter Square-circle age.jpg

The graphics were replaced in the autumn of 1996, using a square logo with a green circle. The presenters back-drop was originally a still caption from the station ident (a 3D-animated "1" with the words "Sveriges Television" spinning around it), but this was changed after some time.

Ball age

SVT1 Clock Ball age Easter.jpg
This was to be changed again once again in the 1990's (probably in 1997), using a three-dimensional ball as channel logo. This style is pictured as easter-branded clock.
SVT1 Presenter a.jpg

In-vision presentation looked like this.

SVT1 Presenter Easter.jpg

The presentation back-drop was changed after som time to look like this.

Filmed idents

SVT1 Ident Water.jpg

During both the "Square with circle-age" and "Ball age" SVT used several filmed idents where the logos appeared. This is one of them.

SVT Christmas.jpg

Christmas version with the SVT logo (in the snap shot it is flipped). The slogan says "Hela Sveriges Television" which is pun meaning both "The whole of Sveriges Television", but also "Television for the whole of Sweden".


SVT1 Ident Corporate.jpg
In 2001 SVT changed their corporate identify totally with new logos etc among all the channels and news programmes, designed by the English and Pockett design agency. SVT1's graphics hade an orange, red and purple color theme.

The color theme changed after som time with the purple color was removed after some time, with the orange and red colors taking more place in the presentation.


SVT1 Ident 2004.jpg

In the autumn of 2003 the channel graphics were once again changed. The new graphics future a big red "1" on the left.

SVT1 Christmas 2005.jpg

The special idents used for Christmas has been basically the same in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

SVT1 Clock Saltön.jpg

The clock that SVT had used since the '80s was changed into a more modern one in January 2003.

SVT1 Riket.jpg

End of a promo for the reality show "Riket".

SVT1 Presenter 2004.jpg

An in-vision presenter in 2004.