Reeves Entertainment Group

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Reeves Entertainment Group
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Founded 1971 (as Alan Landsburg Productions)
1984 (as Reeves Entertainment Group)
Dissolved 1994 (folded into Thames Television)
Notable Works Gimme a Break
Kate & Allie

Reeves Entertainment Group (formerly Alan Landsburg Productions) was an American independent television production company founded in 1971 by Alan Landsburg.




Alan Landsburg Productions

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. Comedy NBC 1976–1977
In Search of... Documentary First-run Syndication 1977–1982
Highcliffe Manor Sitcom NBC 1979
The Chisholms Western drama CBS 1979–1980
That's Incredible! Reality show ABC 1980–1984
Those Amazing Animals Reality show ABC 1980–1981
Gimme a Break Sitcom NBC 1981–1987
Folded into Reeves Entertainment Group in 1984
No Soap, Radio Sitcom ABC 1982
Baby Makes Five Sitcom ABC 1983
The Pop 'N Rocker Game Game Shows First-run Syndication 1983–1984
Kate & Allie Sitcom CBS 1984–1989
Folded into Reeves Entertainment Group in 1984

Reeves Entertainment Group

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Spencer Sitcom NBC 1984–1985
I Married Dora Sitcom ABC 1987–1988
The Home Show Talk Show ABC 1988–1994
The Thorns Sitcom ABC 1988
Doctor, Doctor Sitcom CBS 1989–1991
Wild & Crazy Kids Game Shows Nickelodeon 1990–1992
What Would You Do? Game Shows Nickelodeon 1991–1993
The Tomorrow People Sci-fi adventure ITV 1992–1995
Folded into Thames Television in 1994
Homicide: Life on the Street Crime drama NBC 1993–1999
Produced the first season only with co-producer NBC Productions

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