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Creator Shaun Cassidy &
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Network NBC
Style 60-minute drama
Company Shaun Cassidy Productions,
David Janollari Entertainment,
Universal Television
Origin USA
This program is currently in development and is subject to be changed or cancelled at any time.
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In the tone of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Redliners, which is based on short stories by author Charlaine Harris, mixes humor, romance and espionage. It follows a pair of former spies living in suburbia who are reactivated when a failed hit on one of them leaves the assassin dead. Thrust back into the world of high-stakes espionage, the two find their secret lives bleeding into their suburban ones, as they begin to apply the life-and-death techniques of spycraft to the problems of an ordinary world.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Hannah Ware Anne DeWitt
Jerod Haynes Holt
Greg Germann David Angola
Alan Powell Wynn Rhymer
Jenny Wade Christy
Tommy Flanagan Angus Cochrane
Rodney To Budd Nii
Quinn Shephard Katie Rhymer



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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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