Pop Up Video

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Pop Up Video
Premiere October 27, 1996
Finale 2012
Creator Woody Thompson
Tad Low
Network VH1
Style 30-minute music
Seasons 8
Episodes 209
Origin USA

Pop Up Video is a popular music video series that airs on VH1.

Typically, an episode will showcase five music videos each, with "popup bubbles", or "info nuggets", factoids giving away trivia on numerous aspects of the video. The content of the videos range from information about the recording artist, production of the video, statistics, demographics, medical and scientific information, historical trivia, and lists of a wide range of subjects and other random facts. One of the show's staff writers were assigned each video. Production costs for each episode total about $30,000. The series would also regularly feature sarcastic witticisms.

Often the film crew who worked on the music video in question would be interviewed in the research process, everyone from the director to make-up arists, chereographers, and models and extras might be used as sources.

For a time, the series was the highest rated program on VH1, although another series, Behind the Music had overtaken it by 1998.

Pop Up Video ended on August 8, 2002. In December 2006, repeats of the series began airing on VH1 Classic.

On October 3, 2011, the show returned to the schedule after a nine-year absence.