Petticoat Junction/Please Buy My Violets

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Please Buy My Violets
Airdate October 29, 1963
Writer(s) Richard Baer
Director(s) David Alexander
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The Courtship of Floyd Smoot
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The Ringer
Petticoat JunctionSeason One

Guest Stars: Frank Cady (Sam Drucker), Phil Gordon (Mr. Gordon), George Cisar (Mr. Blake), Hank Patterson (Fred Ziffel), Olan Soule (Coffee Salesman)


Plot Overview

Uncle Joe spends Kate's money to buy cases of lousy men and women's cologne to make a fast buck reselling it. The money was intended to put screens in the hotel that will keep mosquitoes from chasing away paying guests, so Kate has to find a way to get money for cologne no one wants before she doesn't have any guests left.