Petticoat Junction/Go Away, Fat

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Go Away, Fat
Airdate May 9, 1967
Writer(s) Charles Stewart
Dick Conway
Director(s) Charles Barton
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A House Divided
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Is This My Daughter?
Petticoat JunctionSeason Four

Guest Starring: Lorraine Bendix (Agnes Bedford), Shirley Mitchell (Mae)


Plot Overview

Kate's cousin, Mae Belle Jennings, writes stating that she is coming for a visit with some big plans for the hotel. Along with her letter are some mod clothes for Kate and girls, which are part of the plan. Upon Mae's arrival, she tells them that with some backing from a wealthy banker, she plans on turning the Shady Rest into a health farm using a diet and exercise regimen called the "Mae Method Reducing Course". The only stipulation for the financing is that the banker's daughter, a slightly overweight woman named Agnes Bedford, has to lose fifteen pounds in two weeks while staying at the hotel using the Mae Method. However, Mae herself can't stay as she has to go back and deal with the banker, leaving Kate to administer the Mae Method for Agnes in her place. The clothes are for Kate and the girls to be visual inspirations to show Agnes what she can look like after she loses the weight. Uncle Joe is all for the idea until Kate tells him that he will be the male guinea pig of the Mae Method to show that it works on both men and women. Agnes, who loves her food, isn't the easiest person to convert to this new way of life. They just hope that Agnes, who shows some early weight loss during her stay, will be able to reach her goal by the time Mae returns. Kate, the girls and Uncle Joe's reward system for Agnes doesn't help their cause.