Petticoat Junction/A Star Is Born

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A Star Is Born
Airdate February 7, 1967
Writer(s) Dick Conway
Al Schwartz
Director(s) Charles Barton
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Temperance, Temperance
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Shoplifter at the Shady Rest
Petticoat JunctionSeason Four

Guest Starring: Peter Leeds (Syd Sparks), Walter Baldwin (Grandpappy), Hank Worden (Roy Turlock), Dallas Williams (Andrew), Kay E. Kuter (Newt Kiley), Walker Edmiston (Announcer)


Plot Overview

Happy Harrison and his National Amateur Hour are screening for new talent, and are holding public voting auditions through several radio stations, including the valley's own Station K. The winning performer of the Station K audition is to receive $200. Once Uncle Joe hears about the prize money, he thinks that Steve and Billie Jo should enter. Billie Jo loves the idea, but Steve, who had never even considered singing for money, is less than enthusiastic. But he agrees to perform with Billie Jo. Sydney Sparks, a talent agent who heard Steve and Billie Jo, wants to represent them if they win the contest. His plans are for them to go on the road as a nightclub act. Most of the family have mixed emotions about the news, they who are happy for the potential new career, but sad to see Steve and Billie Jo possibly leave for good. The two people who don't have mixed emotions are Steve and Billie Jo. Billie Jo wants to do it and sees no down side. On the other hand, Steve doesn't as he doesn't want to be continually on the road living out of a suitcase. Uncle Joe thinks he may have a way so that Steve and Billie Jo don't have to make the decision themselves.