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Premiere pilot movie
March 16, 1974
September 11, 1974
Finale March 3, 1976
Creator created by:
Sidney Furie & Harold Buchman
developed for television by:
E. Jack Neumann
Network CBS
Style 60-minute legal drama
Company Miller/Milkis Productions
Paramount Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 45 + pilot movie (4 unaired)
Origin USA

Petrocelli is a legal drama that aired on NBC. The series is based on the 1970 motion picture The Lawyer.

Tony Petrocelli was an Italian-American Harvard-educated lawyer who grew up in South Boston and gave up the big money and frenetic pace of major-metropolitan life to practice in a sleepy city in the American Southwest called San Remo (filmed in Tucson, Arizona). He and his wife Maggie lived in a house trailer in the country while waiting for their new home to be built (which it never was), and travelled around in a beat-up old pickup truck, which Tony always raced around in...going way over the speed limit, with the tires screeching. Petrocelli hired Pete Ritter, a local cowboy, as his investigator.

Petrocelli worked as a defense lawyer, and each episode followed a similar format, with the client apparently certain to be convicted of a crime of which they were innocent until a late emerging piece of evidence allowed the protagonist to suggest to the jury an alternative possibility. These alternatives were never established as absolute fact, and there was never any indication of a trial of the person onto whom Petrocelli turned the accusation, but the doubt raised was sufficient to secure the release of his client.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Barry Newman Anthony J. Petrocelli 1 2
Susan Howard Maggie Petrocelli 1 2
Albert Salmi Pete Ritter 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 11, 1974 April 2, 1975 22 + 1
Season Two September 10, 1975 March 3, 1976 23


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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