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Password Plus

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Password Plus
Premiere January 8, 1979
Finale March 26, 1982
Creator Robert Sherman,
Mark Goodson,
Bill Todman
Host Allen Ludden (1979-80)
Tom Kennedy (1980-82)
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Goodson-Todman Productions,
(The Password Company)
Episodes 801 (1 unaired)
Origin USA

Password Plus is a game show that aired on NBC from 1979 to 1982. It is the fourth version of the Password show from 1961.

Its basic game plan is identical to the CBS/ABC versions, except each team is only allowed two turns to get his/her partner to say the words. To make it a little more difficult, opposites are now disallowed as clues. Each word correctly guessed becomes one of five clues to a master puzzle. The team getting their password correct tries to identify the puzzle's subject.

The first two puzzles are worth $100, the third worth $200. The team scoring $300 wins the game and plays a new bonus round, "Alphabetics." The celebrity faces a board which, one at a time, will display ten words with the first starting with a designated letter then going alphabetically down to the tenth word. The contestant tries to get the word from the celebrity's clues. Each word is worth $100. All ten in sixty seconds wins $5000. If an illegal clue is given and the contestant gets the word anyway, the potential jackpot becomes reduced by $1000. Late in the run, the Alphabetics prize was upped to $20,000, with each illegal clue deducting $4000.

The working title for this show was Password '79. It would be revived in 1984 as Super Password.