Painkiller Jane

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Painkiller Jane
Painkiller Jane.jpg
Premiere April 13, 2007
Finale September 21, 2007
Creator Jimmy Palmiotti & Joe Quesada (comic)
Gil Grant (TV series)
Network Sci Fi Channel
Style 60-minute sci-fi action drama
Company Insight Film Studios
Seasons 1
Episodes 22
(List of episodes)
Origin USA
"My name is Jane Vasco. I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros, people who can do dangerous things with their minds. On my first assignment, something a little weird happened. Okay, something really weird. Till I get some answers, I'm getting on with my life, doing my job, stocking up on aspirin. Because, I gotta tell you, pain's a bitch."

Painkiller Jane is a science fiction action drama. Originally an agent for the DEA, Jane Vasco is recruited by a covert American government agency that hunts individuals with psychic powers and neutralizes their talents by forcibly implanting a neural chip. Jane herself has a superhuman ability to recover almost instantly even from injuries that should be fatal, including getting stabbed, shot, and falling off a high-rise building. She still feels the pain, though.

The series was preceded by a TV movie released on December 10, 2005, but it is independent of the series as the characters were recast, the production company changed, and so many changes made to the story that the two adaptions have almost nothing in common.

It was officially announced on August 15, 2007 that the series would not be renewed.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Kristanna Loken Jane Vasco 1
Alaina Huffman Maureen Bowers 1
Noah Danby Connor King 1
Stephen Lobo Dr. Seth Carpenter 1
Sean Owen Roberts Riley Jensen 1
Melanie Papalia Amanda Worth 1
Nathaniel DeVeaux Joe Waterman 1
Rob Stewart Andre McBride 1
Supporting/Recurring Cast
John Reardon Brian 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Sci Fi Channel
Season One April 13, 2007 September 21, 2007 22


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
The Complete Series March 25, 2008 6