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Cheryl West
Outrageous Fortune
Cheryl West1.jpg
Actor Robyn Malcolm
First Appearance 1x01 - Slings and Arrows
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 13
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Cheryl is the matriarch of the West family, wife to Wolf and mother to twins Jethro and Van, and daughters Pascalle and Loretta. She has a sister, Jeanette with whom she does not get along and is fiercely protective of her family.

Character History

Memorable Moments



  • Mrs Doslic: She used disgusting language words with us.
    Loretta: You were gonna kill innocent birds.
    Cheryl: Look, you can't imagine how sorry I am that my daughter swore at you, but you know, if you're that offended, why don't ya f--k off home?!