Of Kings and Prophets/Season One

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Season One
Of Kings and Prophets
Season Premiere March 8, 2016
Season Finale March 15, 2016
Episode Count 10 (8 unaired)
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Season One of Of Kings and Prophets premiered on March 8, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Offerings of Blood Adam Cooper &
Bill Collage
Michael Offer March 8, 2016 3.326M 0.8% 102
The battle-weary King Saul struggles to defend his Kingdom from one of Israel's ancient enemies, the Philistines, by marrying off his daughter.
2 2 Let the Wicked Be Ashamed Theresa Rebeck Duane Clark March 15, 2016 2.423M 0.5% 103
On the heels of Samuel's prophecy and faced with angry reproach from his people, Saul confides his worries in David. In an attempt to protect his father's position as king, Ishbaal hires an assassin to kill the prophet. Then, as the Philistine troops prepare for war, it becomes obvious that the Israelites are far outnumbered and out-armored. In efforts to unite the tribes of Israel, Ahinoam proposes a marriage between the daughter of Eitan, the Elder of Judah and her son Jonathan. Later on, Saul readies for battle after failing to make amends with King Achish at war council, but Achish remains unfazed for he has an army of thousands and an inside source spying in the house of Saul. Then, when an innocent young boy unknowingly outs Saul's traitor, Saul makes an example of his family in a brutal public display. Feeling dismayed by the palace and caught in a bit of a love triangle, David decides to return to his life as a shepherd. However, upon returning home he is greeted by a surprise visitor who has news to share with David that will change his life forever.
3 3 Lest I Sleep the Sleep of Death Adam Cooper Michael Robison March 23, 2015
(New Zealand)
King Achish has been using his fierce general, Goliath, to demoralize King Saul's depleted and outnumbered army of soldiers. Saul sends his son Ishbaal to fight Goliath, but when that yields disastrous results, Saul offers any man who beats Goliath a bounty and the hand of his daughter in marriage. Everyone is shocked when David volunteers to fight Goliath with his slingshot in the Valley of Elah. Despite everyone's pleas, Michal escapes Gibeah, believing her place is by her father's side at the battlefield. Meanwhile, Rizpah's true origins are revealed, and David's older brother, Eliab, inadvertently helps David realize his destiny.
4 4 Beasts of the Reeds Dan Dworkin &
Jay Beattie
David Boyd March 30, 2015
(New Zealand)
In the midst of battle, David struggles with his feelings for Michal and devises a plan to get King Saul's approval to marry her instead of Merav. Michal confides in Jonathan and asks him to watch out for David on his journey. Fueled by suspicion and jealousy, Ishbal seeks out Eliab to travel back to Bethlehem so he can find out more about David. Meanwhile, Ahinoam simmers with anger over David's humiliation of Merav, and Saul empathizes with David's plight by pledging to be faithful and more loving toward Ahimoam.
5 5 Little Lower than the Angels Janet Lin Jean de Segonzac April 6, 2015
(New Zealand)
Daisy tries to stop a future that she foresees due to an Inhuman's power. Meanwhile, Hive gives Gideon a taste of true power, and Giyera chooses sides.
6 6 Honor in the Dust Theresa Rebeck Romeo Tirone April 13, 2015
(New Zealand)
7 7 Train My Hands for War Zach Calig Duane Clark April 20, 2015
(New Zealand)
8 8 Broken Teeth of the Ungodly Dan Dworkin &
Jay Beattie
Bobby Roth April 27, 2015
(New Zealand)
9 9 No King is Saved Paul Eckstein &
Angela LaManna
Ericson Core May 4, 2015
(New Zealand)
10 10 TBA
Daniel has visions of the lion before entering the lion's den to face the lion.