No Tomorrow/Season One

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Season One
No Tomorrow
No Tomorrow Season 1 key art.jpg
Season Premiere October 4, 2016
Season Finale January 17, 2017
Episode Count 13
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Season One of No Tomorrow premiered on October 4, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Corinne Brinkerhoff &
Scott McCabe &
Tori Stanton
Brad Silberling October 4, 2016 1.514M 0.5%
Evie is a risk-averse quality-control assessor, who appreciates order. Then Evie meets charming, free-spirited Xavier, who encourages Evie to carpe that diem, because he believes humankind has a mere eight months and twelve days until a runaway asteroid smacks us all into stardust. That's why he made an Apocalyst - a tally of every last thing he wants to do before the world goes kaput. So with the help of her friends, Evie must decide whether Xavier is certifiable and whether that even matters, if being with him means living her life more fully.
2 2 No Crying in Baseball Scott McCabe &
Tori Stanton
Stuart Gillard October 11, 2016 741k 0.2%
Evie and Xavier's relationship hits a snag when his escaped convict cousin Jesse wants to move in. As they continue to cross off adventurous Apocalyst items, Evie faces possible downsizing at work, and Xavier helps her confront her fear of failure. Meanwhile, Hank helps Timothy revamp his image in an attempt to win back Evie.
3 3 No Doubt Richard Hatem John Putch October 18, 2016 807k 0.3%
When Xavier's attempt to publicize his apocalypse theory gets him arrested, Evie begins to wonder if her crazy fun new boyfriend is actually just plain crazy.
4 4 No Holds Barred Jenna Lamia Jeff Melman October 25, 2016 776k 0.3%
When Evie meets Xavier's polyamorous, free-spirited friend Tuesday, she sets out to test her own personal boundaries. Meanwhile, things begin to heat up between Deirdre and Hank.
5 5 No Regrets Bill Krebs Ron Underwood November 1, 2016 760k 0.3%
Evie attempts to make amends with her former best friend Fern, while Xavier realizes he needs to tell Evie how he really feels about her.
6 6 No Debts Remain Unpaid Justin W. Lo Allan Arkush November 15, 2016 804k 0.3%
Xavier's unpaid debts catch up to him, while Evie works to make things right between her parents. Kareema forges a surprising new connection and Hank uncovers an interesting secret about Deirdre.
7 7 No You Say It First Grace Glassmeyer Stuart Gillard November 22, 2016 803k 0.3%
Evie and Xavier struggle with saying those three little words to each other, while Hank and Deirdre attempt to keep their relationship under wraps. Evie also decides to pursue her dream job and goes to great lengths to impress the CEO, which ends up backfiring.
8 8 No Rest for the Weary Jessica Chou Michael Schultz November 29, 2016 937k 0.3%
Xavier gets a job at Cybermart to spend more time with an overworked Evie, but ends up complicating her life when he rallies the warehouse employees into a strike. Meanwhile, Kareema decides to confront her feelings about her secret lover and makes a bold move.
9 9 No Truer Words Anna Fisher Ami Mann December 6, 2016 801k 0.3%
Evie must enlist Timothy's help after a hurtful secret shatters Xavier's world. Meanwhile, Kareema tries to help her brother through heartbreak and Hank finds he has competition for Deirdre's affections.
10 10 No Soup for You Aaron Fullerton Anna Mastro December 27, 2016 595k 0.2%
When Evie confronts Xavier about his past, Xavier realizes it's finally time to resolve his issues with his father. Evie uses the time away from Xavier to re-connect with Timothy, who's been inspired by her new carpe-diem lifestyle. Hank covers for Deirdre when she gets sick, but it quickly gets emotionally complicated for the ex-lovers, and Kareema makes a shocking discovery about her reputation at work.
11 11 No Woman No Cry Scott McCabe &
Tory Stanton
Greg Beeman January 3, 2017 508k 0.2%
Evie is struggling with her feelings between a newly confident Timothy and a more emotionally available Xavier. Kareema takes a big step in her relationship, while Deirdre is having some doubts about her future.
12 12 No Time Like the Present Andrew Gettens &
Lauren MacKenzie
Greg Prange January 10, 2017 696k 0.2%
After learning the Cybermart Seattle branch is closing, Evie searches for a way to keep the gang together. Meanwhile, Xavier dives deeper into his asteroid research and makes a startling breakthrough.
13 13 No Sleep 'Til Reykjavik Gracie Glassmeyer &
Justin W. Lo
Stuart Gillard January 17, 2017 584k 0.2%
Xavier discovers his asteroid research has been validated, which changes everything. While an unknowing Evie takes a solo journey to think about her future, Timothy distracts himself with a different kind of trip, and the Cybermart gang endures Deirdre's harsh new rules.