Nashville Star

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Nashville Star
Nashville Star
Premiere March 8, 2003
Finale August 4, 2008
Network/Provider USA (seasons 1-5),
NBC (season 6)
Style 60-minute competitive reality
Company Hoosick Falls Productions,
Reveille Productions
Seasons 6
Episodes 52
Origin USA

Nashville Star is a competitive reality series based heavily on the American Idol formula. In the series, several aspiring country music stars attempt to impress celebrity judges and the viewers at home. The viewers then vote on the contestants and one is sent home. Eventually, one contestant is left, who is named "Nashville Star." The winner receives a recording contract, a performance at the Grand Ole Opry and a pick-up truck.

Despite the clear similarities to Idol, Nashville Star is dissimilar in that the competition is restricted to only country music acts. In fact, the contestants are typically already involved in the country music industry, but are without a recording contract. As of the fourth season, the show also rotates celebrity judges and has a different established country act performing before the show begins.

However, like Idol, the series has been the source of controversy. Throughout the first two seasons, judges reserved the right to eliminate constestants without any input from fans. After one particular fan-favorite contestant was removed, the resulting controversy caused producers to eliminate the practice. Nashville Star also shares the same criticism that American Idol receives, that most of the winners of the contest wind up as footnotes, rather than the stars that they are touted to be.

The series is filmed and broadcast live at the BellSouth Acuff Theatre in Nashville.



Person   Duration
Hosts 1 2 3 4 5 6
Nancy O'Dell * *
LeAnn Rimes *
Wynonna Judd *
Cowboy Troy * *
Jewel *
Billy Ray Cyrus *
Judges 1 2 3 4 5 6
Robert K. Oermann *
Charlie Robison *
Tracy Gershon * *
Billy Greenwood *
The Warren Brothers *
Phil Vassar * *
Anastasia Brown * * *
Bret Michaels *
Randy Owen *
Blake Shelton *
John Rich *
Jewel *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One March 8, 2003 May 3, 2003 9
Season Two March 4, 2004 May 1, 2004 9
Season Three March 1, 2005 April 26, 2005 9
Season Four March 14, 2006 May 2, 2006 8
Season Five January 11, 2007 May 1, 2007 8
Season Six June 9, 2008 August 4, 2008 9


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