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My Name Is Konohamaru!
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate October 10, 2002
Director(s) Hayato Date
ADR Writer(s) Marc Handler,
Steven Jay Blum
ADR Director(s) Jeff Nimoy
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Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?
NarutoSeason One

My Name Is Konohamaru! is the second episode of the first season of Naruto.

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Plot Overview

As a new ninja, Naruto gets his picture taken, he is then reviewed by the Hokage and is ordered to retake the picture, Naruto refuses and does his Sexy Jutsu, giving the Hokage a nose bleed and setting him aback. In the shadows... Konohamaru is lurking and looking for an opening to attack his grandfather Hokage. Konohamaru rushes in the room to attack but trips, and blames Naruto. Konohamaru taunts Naruto, thinking that Naruto would not hit back, and Naruto rose up the challenge and knocked the living daylights out of Konohamru. Ebisu then lectures Konohamaru to stay away from Naruto, but Konohamaru dissapears to follow after Naruto. Konohamaru now admires Naruto and wants him to be his teacher instead of Ebisu, Naruto accepts and takes Konohamaru under his wing. For their first lessons, Naruto tries to teach Konohamaru the Sexy Jutsu. Konohamaru then reveals to Naruto to why he wants to be a Hokage, just like Naruto, Konoharu too wishes to be recognized as a person. Iruka and the Hokage talks about Naruto's past and they discuss the challenges Naruto face and the predicament of Naruto's lonely childhood. Ebisu then finds both Naruto and Konohamaru, both not wanting leave, Naruto fights Ebisu, and defeats him with the Harem Jutsu (Sexy Justsu combined with the Shadow Replication Jutsu) that immobilzes Ebisu. After the battle, Konohamaru realize the path of the ninja with Naruto's lecture, and no longer want to follow Naruto but sees him as a rival.


  • The Third Hokage forbid anyone to talk about the Nine-Tail Fox incident
  • The Fourth Hokage wanted the villigers to see Naruto as a hero

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