NCIS: Los Angeles/Season Twelve

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Season Twelve
NCIS: Los Angeles
Season Premiere November 8, 2020
Episode Count 18
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Season Eleven



This is the current season of NCIS: Los Angeles.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season Twelve of NCIS: Los Angeles premiered on November 8, 2020.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
263 1 The Bear R. Scott Gemmill Dennis Smith November 8, 2020 6.349M 0.8% 1203
When a Russian bomber goes missing while flying over U.S. soil, Callen and Sam must track it down in the desert and secure its weapons and intel before the Russians on board destroy the plane. Also, Hetty gives Nell a cryptic assignment.
264 2 War Crimes Jordana Lewis Jaffe Yangzom Brauen November 15, 2020 6.105M 0.6% 1202
As the trial begins of a Chief Petty Officer who Callen and Sam arrested for war crimes last year, the NCIS team is called to help find the missing star witness.
265 3 Angry Karen R. Scott Gemmill Dennis Smith November 22, 2020 5.597M 0.6% 1201
When Nell sends Sam to meet an informant who plans to blow the whistle on a military secret, Hanna's life is in danger when the man tries to run him down and kill him. Also, Kensi and Deeks debate whether or not to buy their first house.
266 4 Cash Flow Kyle Harimoto Yangzom Brauen December 6, 2020 4.556M 0.5% 1204
The body of a murdered Navy reservist is found by thieves in the midst of a robbery and NCIS must work with the burglars to find the killer. Also, Kensi and Deeks struggle to decide if they are ready to make the leap and buy a house.
267 5 Raising the Dead Frank Military Terrence O'Hara December 6, 2020 3.86M 0.4% 1205
In order to get intel on a matter of national security, Kensi must come face-to-face with a sociopath who has been obsessed with her since she put him in jail years ago. Also, though Eric is desperate to keep Kensi safe, he is forced to leave NCIS.
268 6 If the Fates Allow Andrew Bartels Dan Liu December 13, 2020 6.039M 0.6% 1206
Before Christmas, Hetty assigns Callen the case of his former foster brother and his wife who, upon reentry into the U.S., are framed for smuggling drugs across the border in her oxygen tanks. Also, Deeks is struggling with losing his job.
269 7 Overdue Chad Mazero Terrence O'Hara January 3, 2021 5.73M 0.58% 1207
The NCIS team's murder investigation of a man who sold military information leads to the abduction of a doctor whose cutting edge neurotechnology could be developed into advanced weaponry. Also, team members are interviewed by FLETC to see if Deeks would make a good NCIS agent, and Callen tries to have an important talk with Arkady.
270 8 Love Kills (1) R. Scott Gemmill Dan Liu January 10, 2021 5.892M 0.67% 1208
When NCIS investigates the murder of a man about to reveal the source of a massive counterfeiting operation, an old acquaintance becomes their prime suspect and reveals the true reason for her return. Also, Deeks struggles during training to become an official NCIS agent.
271 9 A Fait Accompli (2) Matt Klafter &
Kyle Harimoto
Eric A. Pot January 17, 2021 5.573M 0.61% 1209
While NCIS must track down an organized crime leader who is trying to buy stolen defense technology, Callen goes to Anna to ask the ultimate question. Also, Deeks is kicked out of NCIS training only to find that Hetty has a life-changing surprise for him.
272 10 The Frogman's Daughter Indira Gibson Wilson &
Jordana Lewis Jaffe
Tawnia McKiernan February 14, 2021 6.148M 0.7% 1210
When Sam's daughter, Kam, is kidnapped after leading citywide protests, he will stop at nothing to find her. Also, Deeks rejoins NCIS and Callen searches for answers about Anna.
273 11 Russia, Russia, Russia R. Scott Gemmill Daniela Ruah February 21, 2021 5.915M 0.61% 1211
When Callen goes to the National Counterterrorism Center on the pretext of interrogating a Russian asset from the crashed plane case he investigated months earlier, the tables are turned and he is detained, accused of being a Russian agent.
274 12 Can't Take My Eyes Off You Lee A. Carlisle Tawnia McKiernan February 28, 2021 1212
After Callen receives a cryptic message from Hetty, he tracks down the person tailing him, bringing him to a remote location teeming with Russians and face to face with Anna.
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