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Catalina Caper
Catalina Caper
Season 2, Episode 4
Airdate October 13, 1990
Production Number 204
Screenplay Lee Sholem
Directed by Clyde Ware
Production Companies Crown International Pictures,
Executive Productions
Episode Writer(s)
Episode Director(s) Jim Mallon
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Mystery Science Theater 3000Season Two

Catalina Caper is the fourth episode of the second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.

Guest Stars: James Smith (Jerry), Robert Czech (Sylvia)


Plot Overview

The Movie

The Host Segments

  • Opening: Crow and Tom Servo pray for the safety of their robot pals, including R2D2, Robocop and (begrudgedly) Twiki.
  • Segment One: Joel and Dr. Forrester have another invention exchange. Forrester's offering is a mobile tank suit called "tank tops." Joel, however, makes a "tickle bazooka" which fires feathers.
  • Segment Two: Crow asks Joel to tell them about the 1960s. He gets Cambot to run some Catalina Caper music and talks about how hilariously unsafe the time was. He also talks about the Ratpack and the Playboy Mansion. It eventually devolves into Joel complaining about how lousy the 1960s were.
  • Segment Three: Servo laments over "creepy girl," the girl with black hair from the beginning of the movie. He sings a story in her honor. While Tom sings, Crow and Joel dance with one another.
  • Segment Four: Crow is broken, but while Joel attempts to fix him, TV's Frank calls in and essentially holds a tupperware party for the express intent of holding guns and grenades. Dr. Forrester eventually comes in and makes Frank so nervous that he starts spilling the contents of the containers on Dr. Forrester. So, Dr. F stabbs Frank in the head with a melonballer.
  • Closing: Servo starts singing his "Creepy Girl" song again, but is cut off by Joel. He then presents a chart of the movie that explains the terrible movie. They attempt to analyze the movie, but Joel gets so frustrated that he hits Crow over the head with his chart. In the letters, the crew gets a wedding invitation for two MSTies who met and fell in love while watching the show.


  • There is no stinger after the credits in this episode.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • TV's Frank: That is so neat. We could base a whole party around that. We could get in our fuzzy feetie pajamas and jump up and down on the bed.
    Dr. Forrester: Look, the only party we're going to is the one where we dance on your grave.
    TV's Frank: Oh, will I be invited?
    Dr. Forrester: You'll be the guest of honor.
  • Joel: Water Fuzz: They're wet, they care. Tonight's episode: Death, ahoy!
    Servo: Yo ho ho and a bottle of death!
    Crow: Tinker, tailor, soldier, deadman!
    Servo: Michael, row your murder a shore!


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