Mystery Girls/Season One

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Season One
Mystery Girls
Season Premiere June 25, 2014
Season Finale August 27, 2014
Episode Count 10

Season One of Mystery Girls premiered on June 25, 2014.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Death Becomes Her Elaine Aronson Michael Lembeck June 25, 2014 759k 0.34% 103
Nick discovers an online rumor going around that Holly is dead, but instead of immediately correcting it, they start selling some of her unwanted belongings online to make extra money and find that someone is trying to sell a sex tape from her TV show days. The 'Mystery Girls' let the rumor flourish and throw a fake memorial service, complete with Holly in disguise, in order to track down the culprit.
2 2 Partners in Crime Shepard Boucher Michael Lembeck July 2, 2014 460k 0.2% 104
Holly is bored on a stake-out for a workman's comp case when she tells Charlie they need more exciting and sexier cases. Holly and Nick try to rope Charlie into solving a new bling ring case, but she struggles with trusting Holly, who believes the culprits can be found at the hottest club in town.
3 3 Haunted House Party Sivert Glarum,
Michael Jamin
Rob Schiller July 9, 2014 581k 0.25% 102
Holly, Charlie and Nick are hired to spend the night in a supposedly haunted house to prove there is no paranormal activity going on. Holly takes the case seriously as she has a strong belief in the supernatural, but Charlie thinks it's all a joke - that is until some unexplained things happen in the house overnight.
4 4 Pilot Shepard Boucher Michael Lembeck July 16, 2014 500k 0.22% 101
Holly and Charlie look back on how they went from TV show starlets to real life detectives. Nancy O'Dell from "Entertainment Tonight" interviews the Mystery Girls about what brought these two together again. Nick, a "Mystery Girls" fanatic, witnesses a crime and insists on speaking to former co-stars Charlie, a suburban housewife, and Holly, who longs for the glory days when they starred in the show. The infamous duo and former friends reunite and put their TV crime-solving skills to the test.
5 5 High School Mystery Jay Baxter,
Shaun Zaken
Bob Koherr July 23, 2014 415k 0.21% 106
Holly's high-school principal Mr. Frost hires the Mystery Girls to make sure he does not become the target of the senior prank before he retires. When the detectives go undercover at West Beverly in order to stop the culprit, Holly realizes this job is her chance to have the normal high school experience she never had but always wanted. Desperate to fit in, Holly becomes obsessed with being popular and momentarily forgets about their case while Charlie takes her role as a gym teacher a little too seriously. Once the mystery is solved, Holly asks Mr. Frost for her long-awaited diploma, prompting the student body to start chanting "Holly Hamilton Graduates."
6 6 Sister Issues Erica Spates,
Sam Littenberg-Weisberg
Gil Junger July 30, 2014 490k 0.2% 107
Holly feels inferior to her younger sister Stephanie , a heart surgeon, and is determined to show her how well she's doing. Holly thinks she found the perfect way to impress Stephanie when the Mystery Girls are hired to find a missing young heiress. With some help from a selfie, they track her last location to a biker bar. Once they arrive and begin snooping around, Charlie discovers that Nick actually faked the entire case in order to cheer Holly up. The girls decide to keep up the charade once Stephanie arrives, but when they push around the wrong biker, things go from bad to worse.
7 7 Passing the Torch Andy Gordon Rob Schiller August 6, 2014 389k 0.17% 105
Nick's wildest dream comes true when he finds out that a 'Mystery Girls' reboot is in the works. The hit show's former producer, Arthur J. Stanwyck, invites Holly and Charlie to be a part of the revived show, but the ladies are not too thrilled to learn they've been recast with new young stars, Kimmee and Tika. When the new stars go missing on set, Holly and Charlie become prime suspects and follow their trail to Las Vegas in an effort to clear their name and solve the case of the missing starlets.
8 8 Bag Ladies Shepard Boucher Gil Junger August 13, 2014 365k 0.15% 109
Nick is thrilled when he gets the chance to be part of fashion designer Emilio San Juan's upcoming show. When Holly and Charlie accompany Nick to his big debut, Holly is thrilled when Emilio unveils next season's "it" accessory, a one-of-a-kind ostrich feather purse. But when the valuable item suddenly disappears, Emilio is distraught and hires the detectives to find it before his show starts later that day. When they suspect one of Emilio's rivals is responsible for the theft, Holly and Charlie must go undercover in order to get the bag back and save the day.
9 9 Death Rose Sivert Glarum,
Michael Jamin
Bob Koherr August 20, 2014 405k 0.17% 108
Charlie is not happy when Holly reconnects with her pen pal, the convicted felon Rose Brack, whom she once portrayed in a TV movie. When the murderess is released from prison on a technicality, Holly is determined to prove her friend's innocence and turns to Detective Duane for help.
10 10 The Killer Returns Andy Gordon Michael Lembeck August 27, 2014 542k 0.24% 110
Nick freaks out when he learns that Zanucci, the murderer in the mob hit he witnessed, has struck again. Worried about his safety, Nick must admit that the mobster knows he saw everything and can now find him, thanks to the new Mystery Girls commercial. Holly & Charlie find Zanucci at a local spa and turn him over to the cops, confident that Nick is now safe and Holly can concentrate on her efforts to snag Detective Duane. But when the detectives return to the office, they discover the case isn't quite solved and they must act quickly in order to save their loved ones. Meanwhile, when Charlie's husband Michael hears she's hunting a killer, his concern for her safety prompts her to consider a different path.