Mixology/Season One

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Season One
Season Premiere February 26, 2014
Season Finale May 21, 2014
Episode Count 13

Season One of Mixology premiered on February 26, 2014.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Tom & Maya Jon Lucas &
Scott Moore
Larry Charles February 26, 2014 4.98M 1.7% 101
Recently dumped by his fiancee, Tom (Blake Lee) hasn't been out on the town in a decade. His best friends, the handsome, confident Cal and wiseass Bruce, are throwing Tom back into the dating pool whether he likes it or not. Tom's first encounter is with Maya, an attorney who's as beautiful as she is brutal -- before long, Tom is in tears.
2 2 Liv & Ron Jon Lucas &
Scott Moore
Michael McDonald March 5, 2014 4.64M 1.7M% 102
After a chance meeting outside of the bar, the sweet and innocent Liv is charmed by the sophisticated Brit, Ron, and the two have instant chemistry. Meanwhile, Jessica and her frenemy Fab, start a friendly competition to win the affections of Dominic, the very hot bartender. Tom, Bruce and Cal are still on the hunt for some ladies, and even though Tom is smitten over Maya, he shockingly comes through and takes one for the team.
3 3 Bruce & Jessica Ira Ungerleider Adam Davidson March 12, 2014 4.29M 1.5% 103
Bruce is as abrasive as they come and when he sets his eyes on Jessica, a single mom from New Jersey, he thinks she's easy prey. He's very quickly rejected, but he ignores Tom and Cal's advice to abort the mission and he continues to pursue her. Meanwhile, Liv decides to indulge her curiosity with Ron, but that leads to some unexpected trouble.
4 4 Cal & Kacey Patti Carr &
Lara Olsen
Richie Keen March 19, 2014 3.66M 1.2% 104
Cal and Kacey are both hopeless romantics and when the two meet, they think they're soul mates, until of course Bruce and Tom get involved. Meanwhile, Fab and Jessica have a traumatic encounter in the ladies room and Liv continues to break the rules and take off her panties.
5 5 Fab & Jessica & Dominic John Enbom John Fortenberry March 26, 2014 4.85M 1.6% 105
Jessica and Fab are still in a not-so-friendly competition over the super-hot bartender, Dominic, but they are in for a rude awakening the more they get to know him. Meanwhile, Tom wants to make a move on Maya, but he has no idea how. Cal is heartbroken over Kacey so he and Bruce take a huge risk and give up their table to look for better real estate in another part of the bar.
6 6 Tom & Maya Part II Vali Chandrasekaran Richie Keen April 2, 2014 4.33 1.6% 106
Things are going surprisingly well with Tom and Maya, Bruce and Cal could not be more proud, until they see Laura, Tom's ex-fiancee, enter the bar. The guys try to make a quick exit strategy but when their plan fails, Maya has a few tricks up her sleeve that may help. Meanwhile, Liv is in awe of Jessica and Fab's ability to flirt with guys, so she asks for some pointers, and Kacey and Ron have a run in with a group of sexy firemen.
7 7 Bruce & Fab Gloria Calderon Kellett Michael McDonald April 9, 2014 3.65M 1.2% 107
From the moment their eyes met, Bruce and Fab knew they hated each other, but as the night continues, could their hatred turn into something more? Meanwhile, Tom accidentally gets into a fight with a group of guys at the bar and Jessica shows Liv and Maya a very well-endowed photo of Ron that leaves Liv wanting a lot more.
8 8 Jessica & Ron Aeysha Carr Eyal Gordin April 16, 2014 3.86M 1.2% 108
Jessica regrets sending a naked photo to Ron and sets out to get him to delete it after realizing she barely knows him. Meanwhile, Liv complicates things between Jessica and Ron and Maya hits it off with an attractive guy who gives her an offer she can't refuse...or can she? And the chance to hook up is in Bruce's favor when he meets a woman who is into red-heads, but things quickly begin to look grim when a famous red-head also enters the bar.
9 9 Dominic & Kacey Jared Miller Scott Ellis April 23, 2014 4.32M 1.5% 109
After countless meaningless hookups, Kacey confronts Dominic about their relationship status and is taken aback by his response. Dominic then finds himself in unfamiliar territory and turns to Tom of all people for advice. Meanwhile, Maya and Fab try to help a drunken Liv, who has been knocking back drinks all night, after they spot a flock of bar vultures eyeing her. And the chance of hooking up with someone is being hampered for Bruce and Cal as they fend off a table interloper.
10 10 Liv & Jim John Blickstead &
Trey Kollmer
Alex Hardcastle April 30, 3014 3.78M 1.3% 110
Liv is forced to face the reality of her actions as well as her engagement after her fiance unexpectedly shows up at the bar. Meanwhile, Bruce gets into a bar-gument with Tom and Cal after he finds out they watched the third season of 'Downton Abbey' without him because of his constant disparaging remarks. Bruce takes offense and finds a new group of guys to hang out with, but when they also start to call him out for being a terrible person, he ponders whether or not he owes Tom and Cal an apology.
11 11 Bruce & Maya Dave Horwitz &
Maria Pinson
Jeffrey Walker May 7, 2014 3.84M 1.3% 111
The night is drawing to a close and nobody wants to go home alone once it's last call. Bruce recruits Maya to fake flirt with him to get Jessica's attention, but when things start to look like they're getting serious between them, Tom gets nervous causing Cal to spring into action. Meanwhile, Fab spots her attractive gynecologist and debates whether or not she'd be able to date him.
12 12 Last Call Matt Donnelly Elliot Hegarty May 14, 2014 3.99M 1.3% 112
The bartenders have spoken and it's last call at Mix. Bar tabs aren't the only things that need to be closed as Tom finds himself bonding with Liv while she tries to help him take home Maya. But in the process, Liv and Tom can't help but realize they might actually be meant for each other instead. Bruce starts to panic when he realizes Jessica is probably going to go home with Dominic, so he sets out to find a backup girl he can take home but learns some things aren't always what they appear.
13 13 Closing Time Jon Lucas &
Scott Moore
Jon Lucas &
Scott Moore
May 21, 2014 4.04M 1.3% 113
The night is coming to an end and it's Tom's last chance to ask Maya to go home with him, but Bruce and Cal explain the various obstacles that lie ahead that could prove costly on his quest to find love. Meanwhile, Bruce has to decide whether or not to make a final play for Jessica or go home with a girl who is infatuated with his red-headed attributes. Across town, Liv finds herself in a situation with Ron that comes down to a last minute decision that will ultimately affect her happiness. And Kacey will need to overlook some information she learns about Cal and decide if she still wants to keep her date with him.