Mister T

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Mister T
Mister T-Logo.jpg
Premiere September 17, 1983
Finale December 29, 1984
Creator Steve Gerber
Martin Pasko
Network NBC
Style 30-minute animated action
Company Ruby-Spears Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 30
Origin USA
This article is for the 1983 animated series. For the titular actor, see Mr. T.

Mister T is an animated action series starring Mr. T as the coach of a gymnastics team who also happens to solve mysteries. Each episodes follows a rigid format involving a closing and opening by a live-action Mr. T who delivers an inspirational message or moral. This format would go on to be applied to other programs like Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos.

The series was later popularly parodied by Saturday Night Live on TV Funhouse segments in which Mr. T and his team of teenage gymnasts aggressively searched for acting work. It was also the subject of an April Fool's joke made by Adult Swim, who later picked the full series up to be broadcast late at night.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Mr. T Mr. T 1 2
Phillip La Marr Woody 1 2
Siu Ming Kim 1 2
Shawn Lieber Jeff 1 2
Teddy S. Field III Spike 1 2
Takayo Fischer Miss Bisby 1 2
Amy Linker Robin 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 17, 1983 December 10, 1983 13
Season Two September 8, 1984 December 29, 1984 17


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