Missing Links

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Missing Links
Premiere September 9, 1963
Finale December 25, 1964
Host Ed McMahon (NBC)
Dick Clark (ABC)
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Goodson-Todman Productions
Episodes 301
Origin USA

Missing Links was a game show that aired daytime on NBC and then ABC.

Three celebrity panelists try to help contestants win money by filling in the missing words of a story regarding something that contestant has done. The story is in four parts, and the contestant reads each part out loud, and each part has missing words at the end. Based on the segment's contents, each panelist tries to guess what those missing words are. If the words are identified correctly the first time around the panel, the contestant wins $50. If the panel guesses wrong, the answer is shown to the studio and home audiences and the host tells the panel the first letters of the words. In this case, a correct guess is worth $25.

Two games with regular contestants are played, and the third game features a celebrity guest.

The show started on NBC on September 9, 1963 with Ed McMahon as host. On March 30, 1964, Missing Links moved to ABC and Dick Clark became the host (as Ed was contractually bound to NBC). It ran to December 25, 1964.

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