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Season Ten
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
Season Premiere November 2, 2017
Season Finale January 25, 2018
Episode Count 12

Season Nine


Season Eleven

Season Ten of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles premiered on November 2, 2017.


# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
91 1 She's a Boss November 2, 2017 765k 0.24%
Josh Altman may have money on his mind, but with Heather's pregnancy, he's got baby on the brain. Josh Flagg is ready to dance to the top of the real estate market and waltz down the aisle with his fiancé. James has unresolved issues with Madison over a huge listing, but Madison wants him to Brexit his home turf. A new realtor, enters the fray and proves that she's not to be messed with.
92 2 A Tantalizing Offer November 9, 2017 717k 0.21%
Josh Altman heads to an exclusive enclave to try and snag a potentially record-breaking listing. He's put to the test when the sellers don't fall for the Altman charm. Madison gains some momentum with a potential buyer, but his relationship with James might crash the deal. Tracy's got a tight deadline and even tighter budget to try and find her friend a house in Brentwood. She struggles to walk the fine line between friend and agent when she realizes that Camella's eyes are bigger than her budget.
93 3 Unchartered Territory November 16, 2017 890k 0.23%
Due to record-low inventory, Josh Flagg and the Altman Brothers are forced out of their comfort zone. Altman lands the palatial home in Bradbury Estates, but a major mistake threatens his open house! Flagg makes way to the Valley, and has a face off with some agents. A blast from the past comes back to haunt the Brits. Madison and Heather decide to meet.
94 4 Hashtag Sell This Bitch! November 30, 2017 974k 0.33%
Josh Altman has high rollers from Chicago in town, looking to wheel and deal. James and David throw a giant open house focused on families. Tracy holds Bradley's hand as they put his first development project on the market.
95 5 Two Tops Never Work December 7, 2017 931k 0.29%
Flagg is forced to co-list with rival realtor (and Real Househusband) Mauricio Umansky. Tracy lands a dream listing in Brentwood that quickly turns into a nightmare, as Altman gets an offer on his mansion in the Bradbury Estates that just might work.
96 6 Homewood's Where the Heart Is December 14, 2017 916k 0.29%
Tracy battles two brokers from her past to sell a problematic listing in Brentwood; James lands a classic Beverly Hills home, but the owner has some old-school demands. Madison introduces Cody to his family and pops a big question.
97 7 Who's Your Daddy? December 21, 2017 810k 0.25%
Josh Flagg struggles to find the balance between planning his over-the-top wedding and juggling picky clients. Tracy deals with a first-time developer who has high expectations and a whole lot of attitude. The Altmans' baby daughter is born.
98 8 It Wasn't in My Budget! December 28, 2017 1.147M 0.31%
James and David make a pitch to represent the hottest new high-rise in Los Angeles. Madison deals with a wealthy socialite with tight purse strings. Tracy's client wants to sell her two properties in the Hollywood Hills, but asks a lofty price.
99 9 Mile High Club January 4, 2018 1.095M 0.38%
Josh and Matt Altman land the biggest mansion in Bradbury Estates. Madison battles structural problems and mold while selling a friend's house in Brentwood. The Brits throw a huge party at their new high-rise penthouse listing, but when long-time rivals Altman and Flagg come face to face sparks fly.
100 10 Keys to the Castle January 11, 2018 785k 0.25%
Tracy heads to New York to be mentored by Fredrik Eklund. Josh Altman tackles the beast of Bradbury Estates, Bliss Canyon. Josh Flagg teams up with the Brits for a co-list in Los Feliz, but a crazy seller threatens to throw them off their game.
101 11 Love and Listings January 18, 2018 912k 0.28%
Flagg and Bobby work together on their first co-list, and Flagg gets emotional during their wedding rehearsal dinner. Tracy's ex-client comes crawling back, while Josh Altman faces a tough deadline to sell a tear-down on the Riviera Golf Course.
102 12 Unfinished Business January 25, 2018 1.014M 0.3%
The Brits host a luxurious open house for their $45 million Bel Air listing. Sparks fly when Flagg and Altman come face to face. Madison gets creative in selling a Malibu country home. Flagg and Bobby tie the knot in Beverly Hills.

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