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The Game Show
Season 5, Episode 8
Airdate November 8, 1976
Production Number 509
Written by Jay Folb
Directed by Hal Cooper
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The Election (1976)
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Arthur's Worry
MaudeSeason Five

Guest Stars: Jane Connell (Sally), Conrad Janis (Lyle Bellamy), John Kirby (Randy), Johnny Olson (Announcer), Billy Sands (Mario), Allen Williams (Assistant)


Plot Overview

Maude and Walter and Arthur and Vivian take a trip to New York City to celebrate Vivian's birthday. Vivian is excited about being considered for a contestant in a game show 'Beat the Devil' and Maude will have none of it that is until Maude's greed slowly gets out of hand and soon both Vivian and Maude are making fools of themselves on television.