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Feminine Fulfillment
Season 5, Episode 19
Airdate February 28, 1977
Production Number 520
Writer(s) teleplay
Charlie Hauck
Thad Mumford
Jeannie Blackton
Joan Desberg Greenberg
Director(s) Hal Cooper
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Maude's Reunion (1977)
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Maude's Aunt
MaudeSeason Five

Guest Stars: Dick DeCoit (Man), Don Sherman (Mr. Greenblatt)


Plot Overview

Maude learns more than she would like to know about Vivian, when she tries to figure out why Vivian has been behaving so strangely. Vivian has taken some relationship advice called "Feminine Fulfillment" in which she tries to spice up her marriage by pampering and obeying every whim of Arthur's. Maude scoffs at the idea but Walter soon gets the urge to try a little "Feminine Fulfillment".