Mad Men/Season Seven

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Season Seven
Mad Men
Season Premiere April 13, 2014
Season Finale May 17, 2015
Episode Count 14

Season Six



Season Seven of Mad Men premiered on April 13, 2014.


# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
79 1 Time Zones April 13, 2014
Don makes a friend; Joan has drinks with a client; Roger receives a perplexing phone call.
80 2 A Day's Work April 20, 2014
Peggy gets flowers at the office; Pete wades through new business politics. Meanwhile, Joan is put in an impossibly awkward situation.
81 3 Field Trip April 27, 2014
Don takes an impromptu trip. Betty has lunch with a friend. Harry lobbies for a cause. The partners consider a questionable asset.
82 4 The Monolith May 4, 2014
Sterling Cooper & Partners prepares for a guest. Don calls an old friend. Roger confronts problems at home. Pete underestimates Peggy.
83 5 The Runaways May 11, 2014
Don receives a visitor from his past. Stan embarrasses a superior. Peggy helps Ginsberg with a problem. Harry finds that he has a new ally at the agency.
84 6 The Strategy May 18, 2014
Peggy determinedly collects research for a pitch. Pete is invited to join an exclusive club. Joan looks forward to spending time with her friend.
85 7 Waterloo May 25, 2014
Don receives a troubling letter. A risky venture entails a new future for Peggy. Roger gets an unexpected phone call. Pete butts heads with Cutler.
86 8 Severance April 5, 2015 2.266M 0.8%
Don is oddly drawn to a diner waitress as he learns about the loss of an old acquaintance. Peggy and Joan are disrespected by a chauvinistic client, and Cosgrove is in for big changes after his biggest business connection retires.
87 9 New Business April 12, 2015 1.974M 0.73%
While Megan comes to New York with her mother and sister to collect her belongings, Don has a romance with the waitress. Meanwhile, Peggy and Stan work with a famous photographer on a commercial shoot.
88 10 The Forecast April 19, 2015 1.865M 0.65%
Don decides to sell his apartment, Joan stumbles into a relationship while on a trip to Los Angeles, Glen tells Betty and Sally that he is going to Vietnam, and a copywriter gets in trouble for his rude behaviour to a client.
89 11 Time & Life April 26, 2015 1.768M 0.61%
Don comes up with a big idea. Roger asks Joan to help him fix a clerical error. The partners discover that the firm is losing its independence and there's nothing they can do about it. Peggy is not sure if she wants to come along. Meanwhile, Pete and Trudy have trouble getting their daughter into private school.
90 12 Lost Horizon May 3, 2015 1.793M 0.65%
Don goes AWOL from McCann Erickson in the middle of a meeting. Joan quickly gets fed up with the sexism at the new firm. Roger and Peggy put off reporting to their new jobs as long as possible.
91 13 The Milk and Honey Route May 10, 2015 1.866M 0.64%
Henry arranges a family reunion while facing a new challenge. Don is stuck in Oklahoma after his car breaks down and has a hard time sleeping. Betty discovers that she is not in good health. A taxing friend blind sides Pete, who gets an unexpected job offer that could enable him to get his life with Trudy and his daughter back.
92 14 Person to Person May 17, 2015 3.287M 1.08%
Don's journey ends in California with Anna's daughter, Stephanie, where he contemplates his future. Roger decides to marry Megan's mother, Marie. Joan has a business proposition for Peggy, who is coming to terms with her feelings for Stan.

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