M*A*S*H/Germ Warfare

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Germ Warfare
Airdate December 10, 1972
Production Number J-304
Writer(s) Larry Gelbart
Director(s) Terry Becker
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I Hate a Mystery
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Dear Dad
M*A*S*HSeason One

Germ Warfare is the eleventh episode of the first season of M*A*S*H, and the eleventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Timothy Brown (Spearchucker), Patrick Adiarte (Ho-Jon), Karen Philipp (Dish), Bob Gooden (Boone), Byron Chung (P.O.W.), Odessa Cleveland (Ginger)


Plot Overview

After tapping Frank Burns for blood, Hawkeye and Trapper's patient develops complications. They believe Frank has hepatitis and try to keep Frank from operating.


The Show

At one point Hawkeye "narrates" an encounter between Frank and Hot Lips in the style of Pete Smith, who produced and narrated many humorous short films from the 1930s through the '50s.


Frank: I'm fine! I'm completely fine! The last thing I'm gonna give you two ghouls is any of my blood!
Hawkeye: Ghouls. That's a nice thing to call us vampires.