Law of the Plainsman/The Hostiles

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The Hostiles
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate October 22, 1959
Written by Calvin J. Clements
Directed by Don Medford
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Passenger to Mescalero
Law of the PlainsmanSeason One

Guest Stars: Dayton Lummis (Marshal Morrison), Gina Gillespie (Tess), Clu Gulager (Truck), Peter Whitney (Knappe), Suzanne Lloyd (Cora), Dabbs Greer (Wesley), Tiger Fafara (Roy), John Milford (Jason), Dorothy Adams (Mrs. Garnett), Ann Benton (Farm Girl)


Plot Overview

Sam sets off to arrest an escaped outlaw who killed a young woman for no reason. Unfortunately, Truck's mountain-men friends stand behind him and refuse to give Truck up. Adding to his trouble, Sam also has a woman going along with him who is in love with Truck. He thought he understood these people, but now he's not so sure.