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The Sometime Gambler
Season 4, Episode 24
Airdate March 19, 1963
Writer(s) John Meredyth Lucas (teleplay & story)
Rod Peterson (teleplay)
Director(s) Lesley Selander
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The Unvanquished
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Edge of Evil
LaramieSeason Four

Guest Star: James Gregory (Richards)

With: Michael Forest (Wilkerson), Stuart Randall (Mort Cory), Bing Russell (Reeves), Ed Prentiss (Dr. Lask), Steve Warren (Griffin), John Pickard (Marty), Bartlett Robinson (Werner), Tru Garrett (Marshal Ives), Dennis Rush (The Boy), Jacqueline Scott (Ellen)


Plot Overview

Irv Richards is a gambler and ex-con with a poor reputation around Laramie. His old gang come to Laramie to rob the mining payroll from the bank and they want Irv's help. He refuses but is 'convinced' to do it anyway when his daughter Ellen is threatened. Jess Harper was riding shotgun on the stage that was supposed to carry the payroll but wasn't able to pick it up because of flooding. The gang doesn't know this and try for the payroll anyway, but Richards double crosses them and is shot because they believe he stole the money. The wounded Richards meets up with Daisy Cooper and Mike Williams on the road and they take him back to Sherman Ranch and Relay Station, despite the fact the gang is searching for him. Richards wound is not fatal, yet. The damage done by the bullet will kill him in months. Slim Sherman and Jess Harper aren't happy with having Irv at...