Laramie/Duel at Alta Mesa

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Duel at Alta Mesa
Season 1, Episode 23
Airdate February 23, 1960
Writer(s) Jerry Adelman (teleplay & story)
Jay Simms (story)
Director(s) Lesley Selander
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Street of Hate
LaramieSeason One

Guest Stars: Don Kelly (Rick), George Kennedy (Gene), Pamela Duncan (Dolly), Ron Hayes (Ray), Fay Spain (Gloria Patterson), Douglass Dumbrille (T.J. Patterson), Tom Drake (Tom Mannering), Alan Dexter (Lorn Gallagher)


Plot Overview

Jess Harper travels to Patterson Ranch for Slim Sherman and finds himself up to his gun belt in trouble. T.J. Patterson owns the stage line and he's been robbed of money that belongs to the company. The thief is Tom Mannering, the man his daughter Gloria loves and the loss of the money could ruin the stage line. Jess refuses the job to track Mannering to Alta Mesa until he finds out that Slim has an obligation to Patterson. He grudgingly accepts the job but enemies dog his trail and Gloria Patterson is following so that he doesn't gun down Mannering. Also on Mannering's trail is the man that he was supposed to give Patterson's money to. Gloria and Jess are finding that they are attracted to each other but it complicates the chase until they catch up with Mannering and Gloria get her eyes opened to the real Tom Mannering. Mannering's partner wants the money and he doesn't care who he kills to get it, including Jess Harper.