Laramie/Broken Honor

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Broken Honor
Season 4, Episode 26
Airdate April 9, 1963
Writer(s) Robert V. Wright (teleplay)
Joyce Perry (story)
Director(s) William Witney
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Edge of Evil
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The Last Battleground
LaramieSeason Four

Guest Star: Rod Cameron (Roy Halloran)

Also Starring: Peggy McCay (Martha Halloran)

With: Stuart Randall (Mort Cory), Vinton Hayworth (Art Potter), Donald Barry (Dave Brynie), Richard Bakalyan (Mel Doleman), Eddy Waller (Mose), Norman Leavitt (Freddie), Ron Soble (Harvey Doleman)


Plot Overview

Jess Harper is planning on riding shotgun on a stage run carrying a bank shipment when Dave Bryne tries to bribe him to look the other way. Jess tries to get Bryne arrested but skinflint stage office manager Art Potter won't press charges. To further complicate matters Potter finds out about Jess' checkered past and orders him to stay away from the stage. Mort Cory gets Jess to catch up with the stage outside town. The stage is robbed anyway with Mose and Jess getting wounded. Jess chases down the thief who grabbed the strong box but he doesn't have the money. It's now a case of who's got the money and puts Roy and Martha Halloran squarely in the cross hairs because Martha found the strong box and Roy insists on keeping the money, lying to friends and himself. His lies could cost him Martha, his friend Jess Harper, his honor and their lives.