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from ABC Family press release
After Kyle's long search for the secrets of his past, he finally comes face to face with the man who may hold the answers he longs for... Adam Baylin. With Adam's help, Kyle begins to realize just where he came from and what his potential might be. But in a twist of fate, he finds himself back on the doorstep of the family he left behind. Now, under Tom Foss' strict training, he must learn the full scope of his abilities but keep them a secret from the family, who just want to help him be a normal teenager. The Tragers also have some readjusting to do: After Kyle left, Nicole became despondent and quit her job and Stephen has had to step up to take over for Nicole. Meanwhile Lori can't seem to figure out why Declan is so distant with her and Josh persists with his usual antics.

The peril increases for Kyle when a mysterious corporation, Madacorp, get its hands on the girl in the pod and puts her on the hunt for Kyle. Not only does the girl become a part of his world, she also seeps into the lives of the Tragers, putting everyone at risk.