King Features Trilogy

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King Features Trilogy
Premiere August 26, 1963
Finale November 2, 1963
Creator Series format: Al Brodax
Individual comics:
Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey)
Fred Lasswell (Snuffy Smith)
George Herrimann (Krazy Kat)
Network/Provider Syndication
Style 5-minute animated comedy
Company King Features Syndicate
Seasons 1
Episodes 50
Origin USA, Australia, Czechoslovakia

The King Features Trilogy was a syndicated packaging of cartoons featuring three of King Features' most popular comic strip properties, Beetle Bailey (by Mort Walker), Krazy Kat (by George Herrimann), and Snuffy Smith (by Fred Lasswell). Animation was done at Paramount Cartoon Studios in New York, Gene Deitch's Prague studio Rembrandt Films, Format Films in Los Angeles, and Artransa in Sydney, Australia.

The initial Krazy Kat cartoon ("Housewarming") was made in 1961, two years before the rest of the cartoons were made.

The cartoons were either shown in half-hour blocks or individually as features of live-action local kids' shows. Many of these cartoons had theatrical releases under the banner Comic Kings. Al Brodax, who made the Popeye the Sailor TV cartoons three years earlier, would make The Beatles cartoons two years later.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Paul Frees Snuffy Smith 1
Barney Google 1
Offisa Pupp 1
Ignatz Mouse 1
Howard Morris Beetle Bailey 1
General Halftrack 1
Allan Melvin Sgt. Snorkel 1
Killer 1
Zero 1
Otto 1
Cookie 1
Penny Phillips Krazy Kat 1
Loweezy 1
Jughaid 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One August 26, 1963 November 2, 1963 50


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Krazy Kat Kartoon Kollection November 11, 2003 2

Beetle Bailey: The Complete Collection November 6, 2007 3