Kevin from Work/Season One

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Season One
Kevin from Work
Kevin from Work-Cast.jpg
Season Premiere August 12, 2015
Season Finale October 7, 2015
Episode Count 10

Season One of Kevin from Work premiered on August 12, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Barbara Adler McG August 12, 2015 583k 0.24%
After secretly pining after her for years, Kevin declares his love for his coworker Audrey in a letter, believing he'll never see her again after he accepts a job overseas. But Kevin is horrified when that job falls through and tries to get the letter back before Audrey can see it. Meanwhile, Kevin's irresponsible sister, Roxie, arrives in town and ends up as Kevin's roommate.
2 2 Gossip from Work Barbara Adler McG August 12, 2015 365k 0.14%
Kevin and Audrey aren't sure how to deal with the awkwardness of working together after Kevin's feelings have been made known. Thinking it's best if they aren't around each other, Kevin asks to move his desk. But neither is happy with the new arrangement, and things get even more uncomfortable when the story of Kevin's letter somehow makes it into the office newsletter. Meanwhile, Brian tries to get rid of a new friend he made to replace Kevin, now that Kevin is staying in town. And Roxie decides to "break up" with Patti for Kevin and ends up bonding with her.
3 3 Who's Your Friend from Work Adam Stein Victor Nelli, Jr. August 19, 2015 402k 0.2%
Audrey sets her friend up with Kevin but then finds herself strangely jealous of all the fun they're having. Patti hires Brian to be her personal trainer, but he worries she wants something more. Meanwhile, Roxie needs to get a job but decides to be an actress instead.
4 4 All About Work from Work Jessica Conrad John Fortenberry August 26, 2015 261k 0.1%
Julia hands out performance reviews, and Kevin's glowing review inspires him to help Ricky improve his inferior skills. Audrey is upset when she's told she lacks problem solving skills, so she recruits Patti to help solve Julia's latest problem. And Brian feels neglected by a busy Kevin, so he starts hanging out with Roxie. But Kevin worries Roxie is taking advantage of Brian.
5 5 Roommates from Work Barbara Wallace &
Thomas R. Wolfe
Fred Goss September 2, 2015 378k 0.19%
Kevin comes up with a list of house rules to encourage Roxie to be more responsible, but Roxie rebels and moves in with Patti and Audrey. But Audrey can't handle Roxie either, leaving her to seek out someplace else to stay, with Kevin only too eager to offer help. Meanwhile, Kevin worries something is going on between Roxie and her costar Roger.
6 6 Birthday from Work Christine Zander Michael Patrick Jann September 9, 2015 306k 0.12%
Julia leaves Kevin and Audrey in charge of the office after she has an emergency with her cat. Kevin just wants to get through the day without any major incidents, especially since it's his birthday and he doesn't want anyone to know. But Audrey is eager to prove herself and try out all of the management techniques she's been collecting over the years. Meanwhile, Roxie and Brian decide to throw Kevin a party he doesn't want, but the party planning gets a little out of hand.
7 7 Secrets from Work J. Michael Feldman &
Debbie Jhoon
Linda Mendoza September 16, 2015 297k 0.09%
Kevin discovers Julia's secret, hidden bathroom in the office and can't wait to tell Audrey, thinking sharing a secret will bring them closer together. Meanwhile, Roxie's advice to Patti leads to an uncomfortable situation for Roxie, and a startling revelation for Brian.
8 8 Aftershock from Work Barbara Wallace &
Thomas R. Wolfe
Lina Mendoza September 30, 2015 296k 0.14%
After a recent earthquake, Kevin is reluctantly put in charge of the office earthquake drill. But he wants to rush through the process in order to make an important interview. After recent awkwardness, Kevin tries to avoid Audrey, mostly because Audrey can't stop talking about Brock. Brian tries to help Patti's boyfriend prove his manliness to Patti by helping him fix some earthquake damage. Meanwhile, after the earthquake, Roxie decides she needs to be a better sister and confronts Audrey about how she treats Kevin.
9 9 Escape from Work Christine Zander Jay Karas October 7, 2015 149k 0.06%
Kevin is stuck at home, recovering from a recent injury, and torn about what to do about a new job opportunity. While recuperating, he dreams of Audrey and his current dilemma as a black-and-white movie. Meanwhile, Roxie wants to bring in a handsome male nurse to help with Kevin's care, which does not sit well with Brian. And with Patti tagging along on her dates with Brock, Audrey tries to figure out how to tell her she is bossy.
10 10 Team Kevin from Work Barbara Adler Jay Chandrasekhar October 7, 2015 149k 0.06%
Kevin hears there may be trouble in Audrey and Brock's relationship and decides to stop being a nice guy and tries to further their rift. When Brian and Roxie see Kevin's new determination, they form "Team Kevin" to help him get his dream girl. Meanwhile, Patti's dad declares it's time for her to get a job, so she teams up with Ricky to find her calling.