It Takes a Thief (1968)/38-23-36

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Season 2, Episode 24
Airdate April 8, 1969
Writer(s) Elroy Schwartz
Director(s) Tony Leader
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The Family
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The Great Chess Gambit
It Takes a Thief (1968)Season Two

Guest Star: Nancy Kovack

Co-Starring: Curt Lowens (Kurt Kosbec), Charles Dierkop (Radko)

With: Tania Lemani (Mercedes), Anne Morell (Rosette), Bart Burns (Henry Moore), Jane Betts (Hilda), Frances Spanier (Receptionist), Ralph Montgomery (Hotel Officer), Wadsworth Taylor (Guard), M. Jonathan Steele (Policeman), Shirleena Manchur (Miss Egypt), Susana Miranda (Miss Mexico), Johnine Leigh Avery (Miss United States), Saundra Gayle (Miss Israel), Lavelle Roby (Miss Jamaica), Bebe Louie (Miss Hong Kong), Mary Wilcox (Miss Canada), Gari Hardy (2nd Queen), Elizabeth Thompson (Miss Bulgaria), Inge Jaklin (Miss Finland), Gloria Hill (1st Queen), Rena Horten (Miss Norway), Paulette Blair (Miss Nigeria), Gloria Mills (Miss New Zealand)


Plot Overview

Al Mundy tries to find a vital microdot supposedly in the possession of one of a group of international beauty contest winners.