In the Dark/Season One

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Season One
In the Dark
Season Premiere April 4, 2019
Season Finale June 27, 2019
Episode Count 13
This is the current season of In the Dark.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season One of In the Dark premiered on April 4, 2019.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Corinne Kingsbury Michael Showalter April 4, 2019 867k 0.2%
Murphy's life comes crashing down when, while out for a walk with Pretzel, she stumbles upon what she's sure is the lifeless body of Tyson in the alley outside her apartment. But when the police arrive, including a salt-of-the-earth detective named Dean, there is no body to be found - and with Murphy not exactly sober, the police aren't especially inclined to investigate. Murphy is devastated, and the only thing holding her back from spiraling downward even further is her resolve to learn what happened to Tyson.
2 2 Mommy Issues Amy Turner Brian Dannelly April 11, 2019 722k 0.2%
After Murphy's latest one night stand calls her "Mommy," she develops a rather unexpected lead in Tyson's case; Tyson's mother. Her lead provides rather daunting results so she tracks down Tyson's cousin Darnell and encounters his "business associate" Max who is immediately smitten with Murphy. Meanwhile, Chloe thinks it's time for her father Dean to start a dating profile. Lastly, Murphy helps Jess pick out a special gift for her girlfriend Vanessa.
3 3 The Big Break Lindsay Golder Norman Buckley April 18, 2019 638k 0.2%
Murphy enlists an unwitting Felix to help her organize an outreach presentation at Fairview High so she can do some digging around to try and locate Tysons girlfriend Kira. When the presentation goes awry, Murphy and Felix take a smoke break under the bleachers and have their first heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, Dean does his best to be there for Chloe as she experience's a rite of passage.
4 4 The Graduate Yael Zinkow Patricia Cardoso April 25, 2019
Jess reluctantly agrees to let Murphy go alone with Max on a day trip. While traveling, Murphy has a flashback of memories of Tyson. Meanwhile, it's puppy graduation day at Guiding Hope, and one of the foster's is having a hard time letting go. Lastly, Jess and Joy (Kathleen York) realize they might have more in common than they thought.
5 5 The Feels Deagan Fryklind Ingrid Jungerman May 2, 2019
Jess reluctantly agrees to let Murphy go alone with Max on a day trip. While traveling, Murphy has flashback of memories of Tyson. Meanwhile, Jess and Joy realize they may have more in common than they thought.
6 6 Tyson May 9, 2019
7 7 TBA May 16, 2019
8 8 TBA May 23, 2019
9 9 TBA May 30, 2019
10 10 Bait and Switch June 6, 2019
11 11 I Woke Up Like This June 13, 2019
12 12 TBA June 20, 2019
13 13 TBA June 27, 2019