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A Room with a Rack
Airdate February 8, 1967
Written by Michael Zagor
Directed by David Friedkin
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The War Lord
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Mainly on the Plains
I SpySeason Two

Guest Stars: Salome Jens (Lindy), Cyril Delevanti (Bendat), Jose Pepe Nieto (Don Jose), Keith Andes (Anderson), Jean Del Val (Bald Man), Leo Penn (Dr. Binores), Doreen McLean (Head Nurse), Britt Lomond (Psychologist), Sancho Gracia (Rafael), Uta Bregning (Joliette)


Plot Overview

Recovering from his torture at the hands of enemy agents, Kelly Robinson travels with Scotty to Spain's Costa del Sol for a 30-day vacation. There he's pleased to meet old friend Lindy but reminders of his recent ordeal seem to lend credence to a psychologist's judgment that he's no longer the man he once was. The enemy agents now reappear, kidnap Kelly at gunpoint, and once more try to torture from him details of a top-secret metallurgical process. Scotty arrives and puts a stop to the torture by giving a written copy of the process to the agents. Having successfully resisted his second bout of torture, Kelly now feels that his manly confidence has been restored.