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Casanova Klink
Season 3, Episode 6
Airdate October 14, 1967
Production Number 5784-68
Writer(s) Bill Davenport
Director(s) Edward H. Feldman
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Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London
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How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis
Hogan's HeroesSeason Three
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Casanova Klink is the sixth episode of the third season of Hogan's Heroes, and the sixty-eighth episode overall.


Guest Starring: Leon Askin (General Albert Burkhalter), Kathleen Freeman (Gertrude Linkmeyer), Woodrow Parfrey (Hugo Hindmann)



Plot Overview

Hogan,and his men discover that a Gestapo Agent has infiltrated the Underground.They do not know who the Agent is,even when they listen to his voice in Klinks Office.The Agent one Hugo Hinnmann is having a secret meeting with Burkhalter9Klink is also present).Hinnmann is planning a surprize for the Underground,a very nasty surprize.He will not say what the secret surprize is since he is always cautious about listening devices.He advises Klink to do a thorough sweep for bugs.Klink will comply.Hogan in the meantime will have all of their listening devices removed from Klinks Office for the time being.They do not know who this Hinnmann is,but having heard his voice,they will find out.Newkirk who has a good ear for voice is best qualified to detect Hinnmanns voice.They will contact their Agents one of their contact places.Newkirk will listen,and detect the Gestapo Agent.After Hogan speaks to each Man,Newkirk listens carefully,and decides that the Hinnmann is newest member Freedloff.Hogan alerts the last Agent to Freedloffs identity.In another story Klink has been swamped with paper work.Hilda has takened some vacation time,and is in need of help.Burkhalter has promised Klink that he will get help.Burkhalter being a Man of his word,bring his Sister Gertrude.Klink is worried that Gertrude working close with him will developed some marriage ideas.Hogan seeing Klinks predicament helps him discourage Gertrude.He tells Gertrude about some play time that Klink,and Hilda have been having.Gertrude misinterprets it as having an liasion.She does'nt like this one bit.She quits not only as Klinks Secretary,but also as her potential lover.Another narrow escape for Klink thanks to Hogan.


One particular funny scene in this episode is when Carter answers Klinks telephone when it keeps ringing.First he uses a German Accent,then as his own Voice.

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