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The Missing Klink
Season 4, Episode 15
Airdate January 4, 1969
Production Number 5784-104
Written by Bill Davenport
Directed by Marc Daniels
Produced by Edward H. Feldman
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Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?
Hogan's HeroesSeason Four
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The Missing Klink is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of Hogan's Heroes, and the one hundred seventh episode overall.

Starring: Bob Crane (Col. Hogan)

Co-Starring: Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink)

and John Banner (Sgt. Schultz)

with Robert Clary (LeBeau), Richard Dawson (Newkirk), Ivan Dixon (Kinchloe), Larry Hovis (Carter)

Additional Cast: Leon Askin (General Burkhalter), Howard Caine (Major Hochstetter), Ann Prentiss (Ilse), Sigrid Valdis (Hilda), Dick Wilson (Captain Gruber)

and Chris Robinson (Karl Wagner)


Plot Overview

Hogan and Karl Wagner, a member of the Underground, want to spring Hans Wagner, an Underground Leader, and Karl's brother from a prison camp. However the prison camp is heavily guarded, and impossible to attack. Wagner is due to be executed the day after the next. Hogan promises Karl that he will come up with a plan. The next day Hogan comes up with a plan. He will have the Underground kidnap General Burkulter, and arrange a prisoner exchance Wagner for Burkulter. Hogan had found out that Burkulter is due in on a morning train, and Klink is to pick him up. Burkulter, however, was not on the train as schedule, so Klink drives back to Camp. On their way back, Schultz spots a car blocking the road and shouts for the driver to move his car. The driver, Karl Wagner (who was told when the staff was coming with Burkulter), comes up to Schultz, sticks a gun in his face, and demands that Klink (thinking that he is Burkulter) get out of the car. When Klink refuses, two of Wagner's men pulls him out of his car and puts him into theirs. Wagner then gives Schultz a note to give to the Gestapo, but is to wait 10 minutes before delivering it. Schultz does as told; he delivers the note to Captain Gruber, Klink's second-in-command. When Hogan learns about the mix-up, and Burkulter's delay train schedule, he feels nausious. He starts to feel better however when Burkulter arrives at the Camp along with Major Hochstetter of the Gestapo. Hogan tries to reason with both about Klink, and how what he means to Burkulter. But neither Burkulter nor Hockstetter will consider exchanging an important Underground leader like Hans Wagner for an unimportant nobody like Klink. Meanwhile, Karl Wagner learns from Klink that he is not Burkulter. Klink, confident that he will be released, assures Karl Wagner that his brother will be released. His confidence drops soon enough when Karl receives a message from the Gestapo that Hans Wagner will be executed as scheduled. Hogan, figuring out how to keep Hans Wagner from execution and to save Klink from the same fate, comes up with a plan to boast Klink's importance.


Arc Advancement





The Show

At the end of this episode, Kinchloe notices that the plans that they thought where fake turn out to be real. There was even a note that complemented Hogan for springing Wagner from the prison camp, and to get these plans out of Stalag 13. And, it's signed ...Nimrod.

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